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About Us

Brisbane Roadside Assist is a "Premium Contractor" to major leading Roadside Car Memberships, we provide Roadside Rescue in the Brisbane and Ipswich region so far and are expanding further north in the near future.BRA has one major commitment "To Ensure The Safety of Every Client We Respond To - To Value Their Time and Want To Be Operational Again".

Our mission is to serve each and every call out with the highest level of professionalism we can achieve, the one thing we value the most is seeing the smile on peoples faces when we drive off, knowing that we made you feel safe and secure.

Our Services

Battery Replacement Service Brisbane Roadside Assist carries its own Premium range of Batteries to suit all makes and models, our road side rescue vans are fully stocked with the most commonly used batteries and with the occasional rare batteries.

Brisbane Roadside Assist also provides a premium warranty service with our premium batteries, a 2 year replacement warranty is provided with all batteries installed by one of Brisbane Road Side representatives.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance All our Roadside Rescue Vans are fully equipped to handle just about any case, however in the event we cannot get you up and running, we can assist you with organising a vehicle tow to a chosen destination or to one of our trusted mechanical partners. We Cover the following roadside rescues:

  • Lock Outs
  • Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Battery Replacements
  • Tyre Changes
    (Your Roadworthy Spare Tyre)
  • Jump Starts
  • Battery Load Test
  • Bulb Replacements
  • Fuses

Club Membership Brisbane Roadside Assist partners with major Roadside Clubs. If you would like to know more about these memberships and their prices, we give you the best the market has to offer and let you compare them. Whilst we dont directly provide membership ourselves, we prefer to give you the best of the breed and let you decide which ones you wish to use based on their price and features.

Our Rockstar Team

Our loyal customers and their families are what continue to drive us forward in providing the highest quality service that makes the business what it is today. With the changing technology of today's vehicles we believe what really sets Brisbane Roadside Assist apart from other shops is the dedication and enthusiasm of the highly motivated staff. They are committed to keeping our customers happy and their vehicles safe and reliable.

Tyson Roebuck

Managing Director


How long has it been since you had the battery replaced? You know you should replace your battery every 3 years to ensure optimal operation. Most people find out the battery needs to be replaced when it’s too late(Just like in cold winter mornings). sad face

Brisbane Roadside Assist can complete a full battery test with printout to determine the health of your battery, for FREE! If you need a new battery we can fit it for you for no extra charge1. We can also send a mobile service van and technician to supply and fit the battery at your house or work2.

We will take your old battery for environmental safety and recycling. We can also show you our Mini Jump Start kit3. Never get caught with a flat battery, no matter the device. It can jump start your car, power your laptop, recharge several phones at once and will function as an emergency light. A must have item for the glove box and we are happy to give you a demo of how it works when purchased.

1. If you come to our main office at Darra you only have to pay for the battery.

2. Call out fee plus cost of battery.

3. Which we keep on board our service vans for sale.

IMPOWER Multi-Function Jump Start

  • Jump Start for automotive, marine and motorcycle
  • Charges phone, laptops, camera's and many other devices
  • Use High Capacity Nano Lithium Polymer battery
  • Charging Cycle can reach more than 1000 times
  • 3 mode LED emergency light
Size: 230x87x27 mm
Weight: 615g
Battery Capacity: 66.6Wh
Output: 5V 1A, 5V 2A, 12V 10A, 19V 3.5A
Input: 14V 1A
Full Carging Time: 8 hours
Starting Current: 300A
Peak Current: 600A
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C
# Parts Name Qty # Parts Name Qty
1 Host 1 5 Home Adapter 1
2 Switch Cable A 1 6 Car Adapter 1
3 Switch Cable B 1 7 Jumper Cable with Clamps 1
4 Notebook Connector 8 8 User Manual 1
$199.00 inc GST
  • Impower Multi-Function Charger
  • Impower Multi-Function Jump Start Pack
  • Impower Multi-Function Jump Starter
  • Impower Multi-Function Jump start Pack Parts

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